Theta Fleet is divided into two Task Forces:

Task Force 23 & Area 51

Task Force 23 (Chimera)

    The year is 2394. In the aftermath of the Dominion War, the Alpha and Beta Quadrants saw a brief period of peace. Bajor entered the Federation, the Cardassian Union underwent a controlled disarmament, and the Dominion withdrew to the Gamma quadrant. The Klingon and Romulan Empires, torn by war, are rebuilding. The Breen are driven back once again. It is a moment of pause in the galaxy.  A brief moment of pause.

    Each of the three major powers -- the Romulans, the Klingons, and the Federation -- has retreated to its respective corner of the galaxy, each skeptical of the other, knowing that control is just beyond their grasp -- for now.  Rogue groups are threatening the tenuous peace and government corruption is once again hampering negotiations.

    In the midst of the tenuous peace, an old foe has resurfaced.  Smarter.  More devious.  More patient.  The Borg Collective was destroyed, but smaller groups formed, reorganized and now return.  They’ve adapted and are more deadly than before. 

     TF23 is set in the canon Star Trek universe before the 2009 movie.

         Task Force 23 (Chimera)

            -- Commanded by Commodore Kaede Kayano of the U.S.S. Yamato.

        Task Group 23-A: Gryphon

            -- Commanded by Captain Landon Mabrade of Starbase Typhon.

        Task Group 23-B: Phoenix

          -- Commanded by Captain Alistar McKeon of the U.S.S. Endeavour.

        Task Group 23-C: Siren

            -- Commanded by Captain Horatio Drake of Starbase Vanguard.

           *Task Group 21-A is home of the U.S.S. Calypso, Flagship of Theta Fleet,

                -- Commanded by Commodore Samantha York.

Area 51

    Area 51 is the section of Theta Fleet set aside for our Independent Fleet Operations (all sims that don’t fit into the canon Star Trek universe of  Task Force 23 or our sim year of 2393).  Here you’ll find a 2009 movie sim, a political sim, a criminial investigation sim, a Dominion War sim and an STO sim.  We also dabble in the world of Stargate and Harry Potter.

    You could say this is our “experimental” area for things that aren’t canon or aren’t Star Trek but are fun to play with.

    This area allows for a more diversified simming experience.  If you like a challenge, check out our sims!

    Area 51 has a little bit of everything. A little future Trek, a little Dominion War SFMC, a little fantasy, and a little Stargate. Take a walk on the wild side and enter Area 51!


        Area 51

            -- Commanded by Commodore Hans Shiloh  of the U.S.S. Falcon.

        Area 51-A: Gargoyle

            -- Commanded by Mowgli of the Red Dragon Inn.

        Area 51-B: Spectre

            -- Commanded by Captain Azura Ashcart of the U.S.S. Redemption.

        Area 51-C: Sphynx

            -- Commanded by Captain M'Elise Emerson of the U.S.S. Wolff.

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